Celebration of International Tea Day

Date: 21/05/2020
Objective: To promote and foster collective actions, to implement activities in favour of sustainable production and consumption of tea and raise awareness of its importance in fighting hunger and poverty.

            21st May, 2020: Tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world, after water. With time, it has become a very important cash crop the world over. There was a dire need to plan and implement actions to secure wages of workers at tea plantations, their health and security, sustainable methods of tea production, etc. Thus, the United Nations, on recommendations of the tea growing countries of the world, especially India, declared 21st of May as International Tea Day.
           Department of Botany, Y & M AKI’s Poona College of Arts, Science and Commerce, celebrated this day via the digital platform ZOOM, a step taken in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic on 21st May, 2020. Students and staff registered for the event through Google forms. After Tilawat-e…
Organized by: DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY under the aegis of MUSKAN (the Healing Smile), a social initiative of the college and POONA COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Date: 25th January, 2020.
No of beneficiaries: 77
Accompanying staff: All staff dept of Botany (06).
     Department of  Botany took an initiative to visit Mahabaleshwar orphanage to render their services in kind on Saturday,  25th January, 2020. The department in association with Poona College Alumni donated the following commodities with prior communication with the orphanage Headmistress:
1. Head scarves for girls (210)
2. Sweaters for girls and boys (180)
3. Shoes for girls and boys (131 pairs)
4. Steel bowls and spoons (400)
5. Apples (60kg)
6. Kinnos (60kg)
7. Jalebis (10kg)
8. Hand wash (15 litres: donated by department of Chemistry)
   Headmistress Mrs. Shabana Asad, of Mahabaleshwar Orphanage, gave an introductory speech. Head, Department of Botany and Alumnus of Poona College Mrs. Meherunisa S…

Excursion Tour Mahabaleshwar for T.Y.B.SC. Botany students on Saturday 29/12/2018.

Excursion Tour Mahabaleshwar for T.Y.B.SC. Botany students on Saturday 29/12/2018.
No of Beneficiaries: 09 In charge: Dr Rafik U. Shaikh. Teacher Accompanied: Mrs. Shaikh Meherunisa M. Objective of the study tour: To make the students understand the vegetation of Mahabaleshwar. The study tour organized for the students to Mahabaleshwar included special visit to Gureghar forest conservatory for research & development.The students were able to observe a conserved area spread on 100 acres of land.Mr. More who is a forester explained about the working of the conservatory with special reference to 25 different species of Eucalyptuswhich were taken care of & different gymnospermic plants like Pinus, Podocarpus, Cuperesus and Aurucaria etc. Noteworthy was two plants of Agathis robusta which were near the entrance gate and more than 300 years old. With permission of the forest officer students collected few wild plant specimen for the preparation of herbarium. They were also enriched with f…
Report on Distribution of Certificate for Course conducted on Fruit, processing, preservation and entrepreneurshipby Department of Botany
Date: 18/09/2018                                            Day:  Tuesday                  Time: 11:30 -12.30 pm Venue- Conference Hall                               No. of Beneficiaries:  71 Organized by:  All staff members
Department of Botany organized certificate distribution program for the students who were enrolled for certificate course in fruit processing, preservation and entrepreneurship (2017-2018). The program was initiated by invoking the blessing of Almighty Allah. - One of the best methods practiced by the college. Maaz Riyaz Shaikh- recited a few verses from Surah-Rehman, which explains us the innumerable bounties Allah has bestowed upon mankind. Indeed all praise is for the Lord. Dr (Mrs.) Aafreen.A.Ahmed- gave a brief introduction of the program and how students were benefitted by the course. Principal Dr. Aftab Anwar and Vice Principal

Report on excursion tour to Lonavala for T.Y.B.SC. Botany student

Report on excursion tour to Lonavala for T.Y.B.SC. Botany student

Excursion In charge:   Dr Sayyed Iliyas & Dr Aafreen Ahmed Staff Accompanied  for the study tour: Mrs. Shaikh Meherunisa & Miss Nabila Shaikh                     No of Beneficiaries:  09 Date: 08/09/2018           Time: 7:00 am to 7:45 pm              Day:       Saturday  Objective of the  visit: To study the vegetation type of a hill station during the Monsoon.. About  the place: Lonavala is a hill station situated about 70 kms from Pune. It is part of  Western Ghats, one of the hotspot  for biodiversity.  During the study tour students  were able to observe  a variety of plants belonging  to different plant groups. The students were motivated which developed an interest in them to learn through experience . During the course of the tour they collected  wild plant specimen and captured images of the rare plants. To name a few plants collected, Gloriosa superba., Riccia , Anthoceros,  Polytrichum, Funaria, Adiantum  an…

Minutes of the Meeting held on 14/08/2018

Y & M Anjuman Khairul Islam’s POONA COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCE & COMMERCE Camp, Pune - 411001. Department of Botany
Minutes of the Meeting                        Date: 14/08/2018     Time: 12.30 pm A meeting of the Faculty, Department of Botany, was held in its staff room to discuss the following points: 1.Compilation of bimonthly Newsletter of Department by Dr. Sayyed Iliyas. 2.Discussion on adoption of a neighborhood slum area and carry on awareness activities such as: show videos and spread the importance of balanced diet, nutritional deficiencies, etc, among residents especially children and females. Faculty in-charge: Dr. Rafik Shaikh 3.Carry out Environmental Audit with the help of T.Y. B.Sc (Botany) students under the guidance of faculty in-charge: Dr. Rafik Shaikh and Dr. Aafreen Abrar Ahmed. 4.Decide guest and arrange programme for distribution of certificates to students enrolled in Certificate Course on Fruit Processing and Preservation conducted in 2017-18. Faculty in-charge: …


SEPTEMBER 21, 2017: An educational visit to the Botanical Survey of India, Regional Office, Western Circle, Pune, was organized for the students of S.Y and T.Y. (Botany) by the department of Botany to create awareness regarding Career Development in the subject. B.S.I. is one such forefront for the subject of Botany. The visit was organized on Thursday, 21st September, 2017 from 11am to 4 pm. The Director and his enthusiastic staff welcomed all. A brief history of B.S.I. was presented in the form of a documentary which highlighted the aims and objectives. Students were imparted with information and knowledge regarding the working of B.S.I. by showing them different repositories like Museum, Heritage building, Herbarium, Pathology Laboratory and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) working concept.  The students were briefed up regarding collection and preservation of museum and Herbarium specimens. Herbarium section had angiospermic flora maintained by following Bentham and Hooker’s syst…